Expert Education Evaluation

What Our Client’s Say About Us

“After trialling EvaluateMySchool with a group of schools we have now doubled the usage for this academic year. EvaluateMySchool is a simple way for schools to review their provision – using well informed statements that gives a clear visual representation. The 7 key focus areas allow schools to focus in on consolidating strengths and then planning school improvement to take into account the areas where there may be gaps. The level of detail then allows schools to directly home into specific areas.  Not only does the programme reflect statutory requirements and OFSTED framework but is so user friendly – requiring little training and technological know-how. From the perspective of the work I undertake, this programme has allowed me to use it to extract snapshots of SEN Provision extremely quickly meaning that time can be maximised in school improvement and developing provisions for SEN learners.”

Jon Foster – Teaching & Learning Advisor SEND

Bedford LA

“Purchasing www.evaluatemyschool.co.uk has allowed each school in the Trust to self-review their SEND practice by defining their areas of strength and highlighting areas for development.  Feedback from Trust SENCos is that both the process and the outcome is really worthwhile and has easily enabled them to gather evidence for self-evaluation and develop strategic plans for school improvement.  As Trust Head of Inclusion, it provides me with clear strategic oversight and analysis of each school, supports SEN Reviews, can be shared with key stakeholders and assists the identification of Trust priorities to further develop our inclusive practice. It has also supported the identification of CPD needs and helped pair schools and SENCo’s for peer-to-peer support. It’s an invaluable, easy to use tool with fantastic customer service.”

Rachel Mason – Senior Vice Principal/Head of Inclusion

Anthem MAT


“As a MAT SEND lead, using EvaluateMySchool has ensured that I have an instant overview of where we are as a Trust as well as identifying key priorities for individual schools.  We are new to using the software, however it has already flagged common themes across our Trust which I can ensure we focus our attention on as part of our strategic plan.  Having visual images at my fingertips has provided me the opportunity to link schools together for effective collaboration and support for SENCo’s and ensured sharing of best practice.  The analysis section provides simple breakdowns by school or by identified section.  It has provided me with a clear framework to evidence my work across the MAT and within each school, clearly detailing the impact that has been achieved and downloading evidence to support this.”

Simon Tanner – Director of SEND

Bohunt MAT

“The evaluation has given participant schools a clear understanding of their SEND provision, without excessive time spent answering questions and uploading evidence. They’re able to see immediately areas of strength and areas for development in their provision, allowing them to write effective action plans with specific targets. As multiple individuals can share one account, whole SLT teams are able to work together and tie their EMS data in with other school priorities.”

Verity Cane – Project Lead

Whole Education