Our Whole School Safeguarding Culture Evaluation has been developed in partnership with Laura Page from Schools Supported. It draws on best practise advice and guidance to evaluate what it takes to embed a culture of safety for all.

“The Whole School Safeguarding Culture review is so clear and comprehensive it is a real must for all schools working towards authentic and excellent Safeguarding culture. It sets out clearly what is needed for values and ethos, governance and processes in school but supports schools to tackle discrimination and promote EDI and anti-racism in a meaningful way.

It is also refreshing to see the voice of the child and the wider community experience being central to this review.  It is a useful resource and essential for all schools on their safeguarding improvement journey”. (SEND and Inclusion improvement lead, TiLA, Bristol)

 This evaluation includes all the expected areas of compliance including multi-agency working, record keeping, and the role of the DSL, as well as reviewing how successful the school is at serving disadvantaged students and different communities. It also examines how staff at all levels are supported emotionally in dealing with the demands of working in education.